Legal Framework
The Malawi Police Service is established under section 152 and 153 of the Constitution as an independent organ of the executive for the protection of public safety and rights of persons in Malawi according to prescriptions of the Constitution and any other law.


The Malawi Police Service is mandated by section 4 of the Police Act to provide for the:

Prevention, investigation and detection of crime

Apprehension and prosecution of offenders

Maintenance of law and order

Protection of property, life, fundamental freedoms and rights of individuals

Enforcement of all laws and regulations under which they are directly charged


The Malawi Police Service has the constitutional mandate to maintain law and order by enforcing the law through detection of crime, apprehension of suspects and prosecuting them in courts of law there by protecting life and property.

Structure and Chain of Command

For a thorough and result-oriented policing, the Malawi Police Service has a structure of command in both the administration and operation. We are overseen by the Inspector General who is appointed by the State President and confirmed by the Public Appointments Committee of the National Assembly. The Inspector General is assisted by two deputies who run the administration and operations functions, respectively. There are four regions (provinces) each headed by a Commissioner who supervises officers in charge of policing districts.


A professional Police Service for a safe and secure Malawi.


To provide quality policing services in partnership with the community and stakeholders.


Independence and professionalism


Openness and accountability

Responsiveness and dependability

Quality in service provision

Efficient and effective use of available resources


The logo of the Malawi Police Service is an eagle standing on a rock by the water side and a rising sun. The logo stands for a police service that is capable to trace, apprehend and deal with any kind of crime, be it in the air, on land or water. It also shows that, just like an eagle, the police service is capable of seeing from a far.

Further, the logo represents change, depicting a police service which is open to constructive criticism. It also stands for power to secure both sides of the national wealth – in the air, on water and land - including protection of people's lives and their property.



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The Principal Secretary

Ministry of Homeland Security

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